Cellulite Busting Techniques

One of the main ways to beat cellulite is through healthy living. But it is hard to fit everyday life into a regime of eating food that is good for you and taking on an exercise routine.

The trick is to start slowly and change little parts of your life like cutting out a particular unhealthy snack that you tend to have every day and finding a better, healthier alternative. Just this little change can have a good effect on your weight loss efforts or your endeavour to lead a better way of living.


Also, try to avoid processed foods; these contain high levels of sugar or salt and can contain chemicals. Incorporate fresh fruits and vegetables, low fat dairy products, lean meats and beans.

Go for foods that are low in sugar and refined carbs. Soft drinks, white bread and sweets should all be cut down and avoided if possible.


So what about exercise? Do you love exercise or the thought of getting up from the sofa and jumping up and down in front of the TV a complete nightmare? You are not alone, we live a very sedentary life and also a very busy one and finding the time to fit in exercise, even if you wanted to do it, is very difficult.

But increasing your activity levels does not have to be an impossible task. Take on little alternatives like parking further away from your destination or getting off/on the bus a stop before/after. Take the stairs and not the lift and instead of calling your friend, go round and see them.

If you do manage to find the time to do a workout, remember to you always begin and end the workout with a warm-up and cool down, making sure you do enough stretching of the muscles you have been working. If you attend the gym, it is a good idea to go at least three to five times a week and stay for about thirty minutes and do a combination of strength and cardio training. See further information at Health.com.

There are loads of other activities that count too: walking the dog, housework, gardening, taking things upstairs one at a time and not piling them on the stairs. Why not brush the cobwebs off that old bike or buy a new/second hand one and bike around the block.

Weight Loss Programs

The diet industry has a huge range of products/systems/books etc. and they all promise to shed the excess weight that people are eager to get rid of. But you need to be careful you’re not going from one-to-another of these programs or even yo-yo dieting with just one of them. Remember that nearly all of them will work if it is right for you but you have to have the motivation and willpower to see it through. One of the diet programs that is popular with women is The Venus Factor and is designed to target the female metabolism. If you do decide to follow a system, make sure you research it thoroughly and it promotes a healthy way of living.

So if you want to tackle your cellulite, pick out some of the tips above but more importantly – look after your body as it is the only one you get.

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